Hosting a hackathon
Mentored a Writing Tutor
🛑🛑🛑 Announcing Hackmamba Content Hackathon Hosted by Auth0 and Cloudinary.

Are you a software engineer looking to switch gear to technical writing? Are you a technical writer? If so, don’t miss the upcoming Hackmamba Content Hackathon co-sponsored by Auth0 and Cloudinary.

The Benefits
- Learn the ropes of and career opportunities in technical writing.
- Join the Cloudinary and Auth0 communities with exclusive access to prizes and job openings.
- Network with technical writers and editors.
- Stand a chance of winning the grand prize of $1,000 and other prizes.
- Publish content on your personal blog on—with pay.

Ultimately, regardless of whether you win or not, you’ll relish that unique experience while hobnobbing with your peer community.

Engineers and technical writers of all levels are welcome to join. Register on the Hackathon site, please.