Idris Olubisi
  • @olanetsoft
  • Backend Engineer, Technical Writer and a Conference Speaker
  • Lagos,Nigeria
  • He / Him
I am a software engineer and technical writer with an extensive understanding of open-source, blockchain, software products, and serverless technologies and a passionate speaker in these areas.

I'm a Freecodecamp author/contributor, a Section engineering author, Hashnode and LogRocket Web3 technical writer, Moralis technical writer, AngelHack ambassador, and the Backend Lead @ SheCodeAfrica, a coding community with over 10,000+ active women.

With over growing 500,000+ views across all platforms, I've also published on MediaJam(Cloudinary), AppSmith, ImageKit, and other publications.

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Apr 2021 - Present

Backend Engineer, PhilanthroLab

Feb 2021 - Present

Technical Writer, Section Engineering

Sep 2021 - Present

Ambassador, AngelHack

Feb 2021 - Present

Technical Writer / Editor, Hackmamba